Behind defenses my heart aches
.             for countless souls
.                           both lost and new
but it has only fractured wide
.             for just a special few
For these uncommon cases broke
.             a chasm
.                           to my very core
which some have crafted now to be
.             an ever open door
While others have inflicted there
.             throughout the gorges
.                            deep inside
an open wound that will not heal
.             and I can never hide
Though open doors and open wounds
.             bring deepest joy
.                           and deepest pain
I know it is
.             when all pain ends
.                          the joy that shall remain

Living Stones

Once buried deep in dirt I lay

stone dead and soiled by sin;

oblivious to light above

and of the dark within.


But then you purchased me with blood,

dug down and pulled me free;

You washed and held me to the light

 to take delight in me.


O Lord, my value comes from You,

from all that You have done;

examine, cut and polish me

so I reflect Your Son.


Collecting us from distant lands,

of every kind and hue,

You’re crafting Christ’s inheritance,

a masterpiece for You.


You’ve founded us on gospel truth,

Your promises fulfilled;

aligned us with the Cornerstone,

the Precious One we killed.


O Lord, in Him join us secure,

Your Capstone hold us strong,

So we will not be put to shame

or yield where we belong.


 Each chosen precious living stone,

from greatest to the least,

now glows upon the beating heart

of Christ our Great High Priest.


And here upon this earth we serve

as priests of Majesty;

a spiritual house where all may come

to meet Divinity.


 O Lord, may every word and deed

be worthy of Your name;

accept our sacred offering,

these praises we proclaim.


Within the fire of our trials

and pressures of this world

You are refining us until

Your whole will is unfurled.


The Spotless Lamb’s perfected bride

shall be revealed one day,

when Glory shines through every gem

no longer hid in clay.


O Lord, please help us to endure,

hold every precious stone,

until in New Jerusalem

we all adorn Your throne.

Prayerful Vigilance

Upon the Sacred Mountain with my Lord

I slipped from prayerful vigilance

into unguarded sleep.

So I was unprepared for Majesty,

for Christ in glory to appear,

and so I fell in fear.


Upon the Mount of Olives with my Lord

I slipped from prayerful vigilance

into unguarded sleep.

So I was unprepared for Satan’s test,

for sifting and the soldier’s spear,

and so I fell in fear.


Until we’re safe on Zion with our Lord

don’t slip from prayerful vigilance

or be unguarded sheep.

In faith stand firm, prepared for Satan’s prowl

and Christ in glory to appear,

so you won’t fall in fear.

Dear Andrew

We’ve both spent nights in many prison cells,

and suffered what  Lord Jesus would allow,

but Andrew, my dear brother, this last time,

I can’t help wishing you were with me now.


.                     You’re both my family and my oldest friend,

.                      a fellow fisherman of Galilee,

.                      my partner working nets in Dad’s old boat,

.                      together with the sons of Zebedee.


.                                           Before it was revealed to me by God

.                                           that Jesus is the Christ, His only Son,

.                                           you found the spotless Lamb and followed Him,

.                                           and then you straightway brought me to the One.


.                                                               From that day on our lives completely changed;

.                                                               to follow Jesus  we left all we knew;

.                                                               He handed us His Father’s mighty nets

.                                                               to cast for souls with His selected crew .


.                                            While I became a preacher trawling crowds,

.                                             still you were angling patiently for those

.                                             whom you could bring to Jesus one by one,

.                                              just like the boy with fish and barley loaves.


.                     Since Jesus sent the Spirit’s flaming power,

.                     He’s filled our sails to head out East and West;

.                     you went to fish along the Black Sea’s banks

.                     and I have captained Rome ‘til my arrest.


But now I’m old and shall be led away,

I won’t deny my Jesus like before,

instead I’ll hold on tight to Him through death,

and meet you on that safe eternal shore.

Take Me to Tabgah

Jesus, my Saviour, I lower my head,

bending my knees, I confess once again,

I am a sinner unworthy to be

in divine presence or utility.


O Lord forgive me for lacking in faith,

being neglectful of meaningful prayer,

speaking and acting in ignorant haste,

treating Your cleansing of me with distaste.


I have imposed my own plans on Your will,

had in mind Satan’s goal rather than Yours,

I have feared people, denied Your dear Name,

sabotaged grace in the gospel I claim.


Jesus return me to Galillee’s shore

Take me to Tabgha, restore me to You,

and in sweet grace let me say it again –

Love You, I love You, I love You, amen.


O Littlefaith, just lift your eyes to me

when fear and doubt attempt to steal your joy,

for you are most secure on bended knee.


Let not tomorrow breed anxiety;

I know your needs, so be not proud or coy,

O Littlefaith, just lift your eyes to me.


Within each storm you have my company,

trust I can still all powers to destroy,

for you are most secure on bended knee.


Fear not the roaring wind and raging sea;

I’ve conquered death and evil’s every ploy;

O Littlefaith, just lift your eyes to me.


Malicious spirits, mountains, malady

all fall when you, in faith, my might employ,

for you are most secure on bended knee.


Through every trial I’ll be there constantly,

I’m yours to rest in, cling to, and enjoy;

O Littlefaith, just lift your eyes to me,

for you are most secure on bended knee.


From sinful fisherman of Galilee

afraid to share his boat with Holiness,

to gutsy fisher of humanity

employing nets of truth and godliness;

a tongue of Satan wielded to debase

Messiah’s horrifying aim to die,

to bold and faithful preacher of the grace

that nothing but the blood of Christ could buy;

denier of his Lord and dearest friend

faint-hearted in the face of suffering,

to tender of the flock until his end

which echoed that of his Great Shepherd-King;

What power can petrify a fearful one? –

The Rock of Ages hewn in risen Son!